Are you ready to follow some new bloggers…

Hi everyone! I want to dedicate today's blog post to a wonderful thing that Shirley Cuypers has done for the book blogging community. So often us bloggers go unnoticed; our follow count isn't as high as others and so it seems that our work is for nothing. Myself (and Shirley) think that it's time to … Continue reading Are you ready to follow some new bloggers…


In Search Of Us

A story exploring identity, race, sex, first love, loss, all entwining into a desperate journey of self discovery....because the missing pieces matter. Angie glances back at her home disappearing behind them, and then she looks down at the girl in the picture with her dad. The one who must have sped through the night with … Continue reading In Search Of Us

Coffee Stop

I pick up a hot steaming mocha-latte From my local coffee shop, Pull up a chair And stare across At the Starbucks over the street. There’s a Costa And a Caffè Nero too, No more than three doors apart. I take the first sip of my coffee. Slow. Mulling over the bitter-chocolate foam. After the … Continue reading Coffee Stop