Why character boards are a must in your writer’s toolbox

**Scroll to the bottom to get a sneak peek of my character aesthetics!** As far as creative processes go, mine is definitely still developing. I haven't been spending anywhere near enough time writing and creating recently, and I haven't planned a novel in YEARS. I guess after all the time that passed I forgot how … Continue reading Why character boards are a must in your writer’s toolbox

The Táin

I would say many of you lit students must have read the Illiad or the Odyssey. Maybe you haven't read it yet but you want to. Perhaps you've only heard of it. Or maybe you're a epic folklore fiend and you've read Greek, Norse, Scandinavian, Germanic...every form of folk literature under the sun. Perhaps you're … Continue reading The Táin

YA TBR 2018

This year has been an interesting time for reading for me. After starting uni I lost touch with my YA passion and was encouraged to read a lot more widely. Not just the expected reading on an English lit course like Charles Dickens and Wordsworth, but genres such as contemporary poetry, crime fiction, literary-prize fiction … Continue reading YA TBR 2018