You haven't lost Until the prospect of victory Is so far beyond your reach That it's now a dot; A speck. You call for it, But it doesn't hear you - Won't hear you. That's when you've lost. You've lost when victory Doesn't even want you. Laura Marie Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, all rights … Continue reading Lost 



A Sonnet on Seeing The water droplets smear the glass. Acne, a rash, silver-white heads with black eyes, all dotted, clustered over glass eyes, obscuring, blurring, confusing the scenery and the sky. They trail down, bumping, pushing, sometimes teaming up for this race of gravity, leaving behind their snail trails, like wet sleep over your … Continue reading Seeing


His smokey breath whispers past your ears, pulling, contorting, inhaling, entwining. He calls this your freedom, you call this his kingdom. He's the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach; the one that makes you feel like you're sinking. Drowning. He sits there, hidden beneath the flaps and crevasses of your organs... behind … Continue reading Thief