Lesson from a Thorn

Part I I saw her coming, leather lead in hand. Kicking up flaky, orange mud. The mongrel didn’t see me; I was hidden beneath the leaf of the palm tree, waxy hood disguising my eager spike. She was laughing, sun-bleached blonde bob bouncing with each step. I had to do it, especially when I saw … Continue reading Lesson from a Thorn



Caught up in your stardust kisses, I reach for my brush and paint a galaxy with only you in it. -Our little piece of heaven at the edge of the world. Laura Marie Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.    

Coffee Stop

I pick up a hot steaming mocha-latte From my local coffee shop, Pull up a chair And stare across At the Starbucks over the street. There’s a Costa And a Caffè Nero too, No more than three doors apart. I take the first sip of my coffee. Slow. Mulling over the bitter-chocolate foam. After the … Continue reading Coffee Stop


I am the empty, meandering lake, carved and scooped out by the edges of your finger nails. I am the echo from the top of a mountain. Your icicles drop and slice through the centre of my heart. The stampede charge beside my river, buffalo stomp, panic, kick up veld; The cracks grow, longer, thicker, … Continue reading Core


He looks at her With half-closed Eyes, watered With last night's Dreams and Whispers "Good morning" In a voice still Dripping with Sleep's warm Honey. Laura Marie  Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, all rights reserved.


You haven't lost Until the prospect of victory Is so far beyond your reach That it's now a dot; A speck. You call for it, But it doesn't hear you - Won't hear you. That's when you've lost. You've lost when victory Doesn't even want you. Laura Marie Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, all rights … Continue reading Lost