just ask, he said, drawing me closer. For what? I asked. yellow specks were running through his irises, colliding with a splash of grey-blue- the exact same colour of a cigarette packet my mum used to buy. just ask, he said, if you want to kiss me. and I could taste the smile on his … Continue reading grey-blue



I am the empty, meandering lake, carved and scooped out by the edges of your finger nails. I am the echo from the top of a mountain. Your icicles drop and slice through the centre of my heart. The stampede charge beside my river, buffalo stomp, panic, kick up veld; The cracks grow, longer, thicker, … Continue reading Core

Mrs Thomas

A short story… Outside the train window the landscape is bitten down by winter’s harsh breath. A raven, beautiful despite Mr Thomas’ opinion, wrestles free of that icy grip and disappears behind the welcoming hills in the distance. Mrs Thomas thinks that the sun must smile more over there. Laura Marie  Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, … Continue reading Mrs Thomas


He looks at her With half-closed Eyes, watered With last night's Dreams and Whispers "Good morning" In a voice still Dripping with Sleep's warm Honey. Laura Marie  Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, all rights reserved.