Shadowfell, Juliet Marillier

Neryn is a 15 year old orphan utterly alone in the world of Alban. After being wagered by her drunken father to a complete stranger on a chancy boat, she has no one but herself. Her mother, brother and grandmother are all dead, and her father too as a result of the Cull. Now Neryn … Continue reading Shadowfell, Juliet Marillier

In Search Of Us

A story exploring identity, race, sex, first love, loss, all entwining into a desperate journey of self discovery....because the missing pieces matter. Angie glances back at her home disappearing behind them, and then she looks down at the girl in the picture with her dad. The one who must have sped through the night with … Continue reading In Search Of Us

YA TBR 2018

This year has been an interesting time for reading for me. After starting uni I lost touch with my YA passion and was encouraged to read a lot more widely. Not just the expected reading on an English lit course like Charles Dickens and Wordsworth, but genres such as contemporary poetry, crime fiction, literary-prize fiction … Continue reading YA TBR 2018