She said,

With a tremble on her lips,

I can’t.

Can’t what?

Give in?

Give up?

Lift your head up and carry on?

No, she said.

I can’t breathe,

I can’t see,

I can’t be,

I can’t move or taste or feel

Without my heart

Lurching in my chest

Or stinging,

like it’s the victim

Of the venom of thousand

Angry wasps.

But you know pain eases? I said.

Not if I can’t remove the stinger.

Give it time?

Be patient?

Pick yourself up from the floor,

Be free,

Have aspirations,

Bathe in the sunlight,

Dip your fingers in a pot of honey

And smear them across a fresh

White canvas.

Then do it again.

She said,

With a frown on her lips,

I’d like to see you try

After losing something as precious

As your right arm.

I stepped away

Pulled my hair

And cried,

Because how could I

Convince the girl

Of all she could achieve,

When I couldn’t even listen

To my own advice.

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