Ivy & Abe

In every universe, Ivy and Abe are meant to meet. But are they meant to be?

DISCLAIMER! The copy I have for review is an uncorrected proof, therefore, my review cannot count entirely for the final version.

I was really excited to read this story when I received the book. I’d read a book a few years back called The Versions of Us which was both beautiful and heartbreaking, so I had similar expectations for Elizabeth Enfield’s Ivy & Abe.

The book was an easy, quick read which would make it a perfect summer romance read, however, other than that I was left really disappointed, to the point that I only skimmed through the last 80 pages.

My main issue with this novel is characterisation of Ivy and Abe, the two main characters. The narrative starts when both characters meet in the 70s; they were childhood friends, but after a tragic accident they are both separated and expect to never see each other again…but they do. I thought the first story/scenario was really beautiful and heart warming but I really did not believe the portrayal of Ivy and Abe; there was no indication within their actions, dialogue or perspective that told me they were in their 70s.

Unfortunately, throughout the novel it was obvious that the author was much younger than the characters she was writing about. It made the reading process hard, as I couldn’t get absorbed into a world I didn’t believe.

Not only that but in each scenario of their lives their actions seem wholly unjustified and confusing. I couldn’t relate and I also didn’t believe the authenticity of their decision. It was a motivative completelye crafted by the author.

In the end, it just felt as though I was reading a stream of boring dialogue that didn’t really appear to take the book anywhere.

This book could have been so much! I get the impression that Enfield was attempting to challenge the concept of soulmates through many ‘what-if’ scenarios. Yes, Ivy and Abe are destined to meet and they always appear to have this connection, this familiarity among strangers, but this doesn’t mean they have to be lovers. Unfortunately, I felt the author’s execution really missed the mark.

Have you read Ivy & Abe? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Stars:  ★★

Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.


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