What I’ve been reading (Jan-Feb)

On the 27th of December 2017 I fell in love with Rebel of the Sands‘ beautiful spine. I was in Waterstones with my boyfriend, there was a pile of books in my hand and I was trying to decide which two books I should invest in. That’s when I spotted Rebel, a blue and gold gem out of a plethora of white spines. That’s when I put all the other books down and read the spine. That’s when I dragged my boyfriend to the till and eagerly paid for my book. That’s when I decided that Rebel would be my first read of 2018.

And my goodness, wasn’t it a fantastic read!

January and February consumed me in a cacophony of Amani’s voice, of rebellions, of strength and of Arabian folklore.

On the 16th of February 2018, I was 50 pages away from finishing Hero at the Fall, the final instalment to the the trilogy. *Insert my panic tweet*


On the morning of the 17th of February 2018, I read the final page, and then the final word – ‘began’. And I felt complete.

The ending deserves applause; Alwyn Hamilton wraps up each thread of the story with keen awareness, and although there is an element of heartbreak I would not want a single thing to change. There is an oracle-type feeling to the last chapter which is what I thing gives it it’s smooth feeling of completion; a story that is simultaneously finished and yet incomplete. The reader is put in a position wherein they can close the pages of the book and feel as though the last cover snugly encloses a tale in its entirety, and yet also contains the potential for more!

This to me is the sign of not only a perfect ending, but a perfect series, one which won’t leave readers disappointment.

Rebel, Traitor, Hero. Each book progresses believably, both in terms of plot and character. There is intrigue, magic, love, despair and hope. Characters are flawed. The plot at times is unpredictable. The world craftsmanship is beautiful.

If Hamilton’s Rebel trilogy isn’t already on your TBR then I would strongly recommend you to put it there. In fact, don’t just put it there, push it to the very front of your pile. If you’re a YA Fantasy addict, admirer or even just a casual reader, you won’t regret it. It’s the perfect escape.

If you’re still not convinced the I would urge you to read my no-spoilers Rebel of the Sands review in the Galleon – http://www.galleonnews.com/2018/02/rebel-of-the-sands-review-a-culturally-rich-fusion-of-the-east-and-west/

Don’t waste time! A rebellion is on the rise…join us!

Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.

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