Writing Prompt…

In the fresh light of morning us writers can sit there with a pen in our hand, a cup of coffee and a whole lot of good intentions…but nothing comes out. No ink. No words. Nothing.  A simple writing prompt can be an easy remedy!

So if you’re that person, desperate to get some words on the page but can’t seem to find the inspiration then feel free to start with my writing prompt and run with it!

My piece feels like its falling down the YA Fantasy rabbit whole, but that doesn’t have to be where you take it. Start with the prompt and wait allow your pen to take you on the journey. Most importantly don’t forget to let me know where this prompt takes you and how you got on. Happy writing!


You can’t be serious?
I’m not going down there.
Yes you are.

My own piece…

The morning nestled behind a dense cloud of fog.

Ana trudged through muddy grass, the dew-coated spikes licking against her ankles. She didn’t know how long she’d been walking. If she hadn’t walked into the back of Derek, she probably would have missed the cliff altogether.

Derek’s forearm cut across her chest. An imperious look spread across his face as he won one over her. Ana’s vigilance had slipped for a measly second and now she was going to have to live with the fact that Derek had saved her. Again.

Ana pushed his arm away. “I wouldn’t have fallen.”

“If you say so.”

Ana danced closer to the edge of the cliff, just to prove a point, It was a sheer drop into a shallow, languorous looking stream. “Why are we here, anyway?” She turned in time to see an even bigger grin spread across Derek’s face, so big his cheeks almost brushed against his dark hairline. Ana looked back down over the cliff. “You can’t be serious?”

“Deadly.” He slipped his hands into his back pockets.

“I am not going down there.”

Derek took a step closer to me. “Yes you are.” His arms went around my waist. “Hold tight.”

Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt…

    • elmarie says:

      Thank you so much. I created this prompt the day before writing the story! I let it sit there for 24 hours and then wrote the start of the story in a coffee shop. I’d be keen to know whether this technique works for you ☺️


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