A change is coming…

I started my blog back in June 2016 not really knowing where I wanted to take it or how to let it reach its full potential. I have explored my fair share of content from poetry to feminist thought to craft advice to travel writing… the list does indeed go on.

Now, I’m in 2018. My blog is almost two years old. It has given me the freedom and liberty to play around and experiment with content…but enough is enough. It was time to stop being so aimless and actually focus. So I sat myself down and had a long and hard talk with myself. What do I actually want this blog to be used for? I post a lot of poetry because they’re often easy to craft and (most importantly) easy for my audience to digest. But is this the sort of material that I want to be basing my brand around? The truth is…I’m a fantasy writer. My mind, body and soul is centred around YA Fantasy novels. In fact, my biological breakdown is 10% coffee and 90% fantasy tropes.

YA and Fantasy is my blog’s destiny; story snippets, character boards, WIP, book reviews, craft advice, insights into my creative process…again, the list can go on. But this is what I want for my blog and there’s room for growth and exciting potential projects.

So, ELMARISTORIES is going through a re-brand! This is going to be a long process, first starting with a content re-brand and then focusing on the bigger *investment* aspects such as re-designing my website so that it looks more professional.

Focusing my content into a very specific genre and topic isn’t going to be easy and I am going to have to be more conscious with my planning to ensure that I’m not only posting stuff that I’m excited about but also regularly. There may be blips in my weekly upload schedule, but change is never easy and I’m willing to ride the wave.

So join me on my journey! Here’s to ELMARIESTORIES 2.0.

Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.

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