Coffee Stop

I pick up a hot steaming mocha-latte
From my local coffee shop,
Pull up a chair
And stare across

At the Starbucks over the street.
There’s a Costa
And a Caffè Nero too,
No more than three doors apart.

I take the first sip of my coffee.
Mulling over the bitter-chocolate foam.
After the initial froth,

The liquid is hot and thick,
Trickling down my throat
With complete and utter

Many women walk past me;
One is clopping along in a pair of stilettos, one heel entirely snapped off,
Giving the impression of a baby giraffe learning to walk.
She’s in last night’s cocktail dress.

The other is walking with a sense of urgency
Brown-leather satchel in hand
Her arms swinging back and forth
Like an out of control swing.

I take another sip
I am
Right on


Laura Marie 

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2018, all rights reserved.


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