To Newquay

At the beginning of the month – fresh from the stress of end of year exams and assignments – I packed up a small suitcase and set off down to Cornwall with my gals from uni.

Our trip started on Friday, 6:45 am sharp (although, two of us had been awake since 4 am) at Guildhall Square, ready to hop on a coach towards the eagerly anticipated beaches of Newquay. Now don’t get me wrong, the weather forecast ahead was absolutely tragic, rain was predicted from the day of our arrival till the following Friday, but we weren’t going to let that dampen our spirits.


Somewhat defiantly I still packed shorts and there was no way in hell that I was going to pack a coat or an umbrella.

Fast forward six and a half hours (a way longer journey than we were all expecting) and we finally found ourselves just outside the entrance to the Eden Project. Oh, and it was raining.


Cue the four of us desperately trying to squeeze under two umbrellas (two of us not ready to admit to our stupidity, the other two smug) as we made our way down to the Biomes. The Mediterranean was our first stop, bright and airy (but still warm), garlic wafted from the slightly-over-student-budget restaurant, and our phones were out and ready to take pictures. Kaitlin got a bit nostalgic about Australia, I got a bit nostalgic about Spain. We were content.

Then we moved on to the much anticipated Rainforest Biome, a place we could have spent hours despite its wet, sticky heat.


Credit should be given to the kind man who took this picture; his potential as a photographer really shone through as he put the time and care into getting the perfect, most flattering angle.

The next couple of days consisted of frolicking and adventuring as only four creative writing students know how.

After some early morning rock climbing, the bravest two of the group (despite the sky being grey, cloudy and just downright gloomy) said hell, we’re in Cornwall, surf central, just try and stop us from going in the sea. So they shed their clothes and away they went, joining the only other two people in the sea (these, smartly dressed in wet suits). The waves, the wind blew and they frolicked, their unflappable courage greatly admired.

Midday started to creep up on us so we departed from our cozy spot and ventured out in search of lunch and souvenir shops (because, are you even on holiday if that isn’t part of the agenda?)

Then the tide came in and the sun came out! Sheer determination and positive thinking finally payed off! Towan Beach looked even more Instagram worthy in this light.

Evening soon came along and for us a picnic was the only dinner option – we were running out of time and we couldn’t let the beach and the suddenly reformed weather go to waste. We set up shop, finding a comfy, secluded spot beside a small cave and used a 10p Sainsbury’s bag as a clever barrier between sand and food, because who really wants a sand-sprinkled scotch egg?

Cue artistic sunset shot – what else could we have wanted? Our trip was complete.



Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2017, all rights reserved. 



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