It’s been a while…

So I started Uni…I think that’s enough explanation for my sudden disappearance. Being an English Literature AND Creative Writing student is hard. It’s demanding, time consuming, tiring, but I love it, and that’s why I’ve been focusing solely on my reading, writing, and assignments these past three months.

But I’ve recently found a bit of time. The Christmas holidays are coming up and I have completed all my deadlines. So, it got me thinking about whether I should submit a blog post. And then it got me thinking about what I could write a blog post about. It had to be something interesting. I’ve been MIA for months so it needed to be…worthwhile.

In the end, I decided to go with something I’ve never posted before. My own piece of poetry. This is something that I wrote for one of my courses at the beginning of the semester, but decided not to submit in my final portfolio as it didn’t hit the brief.

I hope you enjoy!


Lunar Track

The crescent reflected

Across the skin of the water,
Rippling with the current’s
Looking like a smeared-white
Path, to god-knows-where.
I move upstream,
My bare feet squashing against soggy tufts.
There’s a spindly branch hanging
precariously out of my right hand,
Skirting beneath the surface and
Exposing loose pebbles and compacted mud,
Alongside memories best left alone.

I taste the night,
Bitterly crisp on the buds of my tongue,
And the wind bites across
my arms,
Pushing me along my lunar path.
I can’t seem to escape
The feeling that with every step
I take,
Every pebble I disturb,
It’s a sure sign that
My past will never let me
Be or grow.


Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2016, all rights reserved.

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