Writing Prompt: The Hostage

A glass barrier. The very thing which will likely send me to the irretraceable depths of insanity. Of all the barriers it is definitely the most teasing; much too thick to break through, believe me, I’ve tried, but it seems as though it is made out of that anti-shatter material. Not even a scratch to prove my attempts of escape.

And then of course, there’s the matter of it being transparent, showing me the very thing that has been taken away from me. My freedom. Fresh air. Society. Nobody has seen me standing by my glass-prison. Nobody has heard my screams.

It’s funny how quickly the scene outside your window can become boring, when it’s all you ever see. The slow movement of a tree’s arm becomes no more than a dull branch, the fire-breathing dragon in the sky turns back into a cloud and the pretty pattern of rain on glass is just…well, rain on glass I guess, nothing interesting.

I have to admit though, the room itself is pleasant. Bright, deceptively open, brimming with interesting objects to keep the mind entertained…or just lob at the glass to no avail. The window frame is fancy. Not what you would expect to be greeted with as a hostage, but then again, it is my own home. The frame is carefully carved and symmetric. The wood is painted white and glossed; entirely chip free and very modern-looking. The window is tall and thick, taking up the majority of the wall space, and of course it’s clean.

No matter how many times I smear my fingers across it, the mark disappears; cleans itself, destroying any evidence that I’m even here…


Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2016, all rights reserved.

The image does not belong to me and can be found on: http://www.pennyroach.com/28-fancy-windows-seat-design-for-your-home-interior/fancy-windows-seat-design-with-white-wall-paint-color-and-white-couch-sofa-set-and-delightful-white-storage-drawers-cabinet-set-and-glass-coffee-table-idea-near-red-sofa-sectional-and-fresh-purple-flo/

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