The World Through Her Eyes

This is the start of a (potentially) longer story about a somewhat damaged relationship between a sister and her younger brother. The brother wishes that he could see the world through her eyes in order to understand what makes her so angry. Perhaps the strength of his wish is so powerful that it comes true…
There comes a time, Alex realised with a sinking heart, when life starts taking more than it’s willing to give. Like fog, this realisation creeps up on its unsuspecting victims, devouring them to the point in which their path to move forward, is lost.

Alex had been stumbling around in the fog for so long now, looking for a way out, that nothing was of comfort to him anymore; the caress of a hand, a corny joke and the flutter of an innocent bird past his bedroom window, no longer stopped the steady stream, which trickled down from his pale, baby-blue eyes.

He covered his ears, in an attempt to distance himself from the shouting, but the words would still cut through- barely even muffled- each scream of rage dragging the happiness out through his heart and violently knotting his stomach.

Alex felt as though his insides might wring themselves out and churn in to useless pulp. His stomach continued to tie itself up, crushing up anxious air, which made him wheeze and gasp out for painful, steadying breaths.

His gaze followed the summer sun which was now a dark orange and setting. He laughed bitterly to himself, knowing that the end of the day didn’t call for a new beginning, but instead the same events of the day, disguised as a new one. And so the day would repeat itself, until someone gave up shouting- or just gave up altogether.

Ringing loud with spite, his sister’s voice ripped up through the floor boards.

“You don’t even care about me and how I feel, you just want me gone!” Amy’s voice was scathing.

“Don’t be ridiculous Amy. Of course we care about you,” their mother insisted.

Alex could tell that his mother was desperately trying to keep her voice kind and level, but her words were noticeably clipped with irritation.

“Then why don’t you show me love! Why do you shut me away? You don’t appreciate me,” Amy wailed.

Alex could hear the pain in his sister’s voice.

“Amy, you must understand,” their father calmly stressed, “we do show you love, and we don’t shut you away. But you must understand that lately you’ve been making some poor decisions.”

“You do shut me away,” Amy said petulantly.

“Amy this is ridiculous. At the end of the day you’re too young to go to this party,” their mother shouted, taking the care to enunciate every word.

“I am not too young! Why are you being so overprotective? I’m fourteen,” Amy said angrily.

“Well you know what, when you can act like you’re fourteen, and stop doing stupid things, then you go,” their mother spat.

“Oh what, so I’m stupid now am I? Can’t act my age? Well you’re wrong, just because I don’t act like an angel doesn’t mean I don’t act my age. I just like to actually have some fun with my life!” Amy’s voice continued to rise and her words sizzled with spite, to the point that it sounded as though she were spitting them out.

“Amy that is not what either of us has said. You asked us whether we would be fine with you going to a party with this Nathan boy, and your mother and I have said that we don’t think that it is the right time. You have exams coming up as soon and you need to knuckle down,” her father said simply.

“Well I want to have fun! I don’t want to be locked up in this house until I’ve finished school, I want a life!” she wailed.

“Again, Amy that is not—”

Amy started to stomp up the stairs. “Leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to anyone,” she shouted. She flung open Alex’s door and glared down at him imperiously, the tip of her slopped nose parallel to the floor. Her long black hair was starting to fall out of her hair tie and her oval face looked hot and red. Alex lowered his hands from his ears and wiped away the trail of tears. He locked his gaze with Amy’s raging emerald eyes.

“What are you crying about? she spat.

Alex stayed silent; he didn’t want to get in an argument with Amy when she was this angry.

“Well? Answer me!”

Alex looked away and chewed his fat thumb anxiously.

“Exactly, you have nothing to be unhappy about. Your life is perfect and mine is just…awful.”

“That’s not true,” Alex mumbled, “you just don’t see it.”

“I don’t see it because it’s not true. You’re the younger one and you’ve always had everything better than me, from the moment you were born. I had two years of bliss and then…you.”

Every word was so thickly coated in hatred that they lodged themselves between each of Alex’s ribs like jagged knifes. He could feel the corners of his eyes prickling. He stole a glance at Amy and noticed that her face had reddened.

“Everything went wrong when you were born. You were a mistake and I wish that you were never born, I wish that you were never part of my life,” she said contemptuously.
The final knife stuck itself into Alex’s chest, finding his fragile heart. Amy knew that the damage was done, and so preceded to leave the room, an accomplished look spread across her face. Alex played with his fringe which was quickly reached his eyes. The tips were damp and sticking around the corners of his eyes. Amy’s words continued to ring in his ears like an incessant alarm clock, getting louder and making his head hurt.

I wish that I could just see the world through her eyes…


Laura Marie

Copyright: Laura Davis © 2016, all rights reserved.


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